June 17, 2020

Local Loops: Bringing the Circular Economy to Canadian Cities

In March 2020, the EU released its new Circular Economy Action Plan to accelerate the transformational change required by the European Green Deal. The plan aims […]
May 26, 2020
smart city planning

There’s Always Next Time: Smart City Planning After Sidewalk Labs

Earlier this month, Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google’s parent Alphabet, announced that it would no longer be transfoming Toronto’s waterfront into a futuristic neighbourhood. In […]
May 5, 2020

Biodegradable or Compostable Plastics and the Transition to a Circular Economy

As part of its Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU Commission has been studying plastic products that are marketed as “biodegradable” or “compostable” and the extent to […]
May 8, 2014
single-use plastic

Single-Use Plastic Bans and the Lawsuits That Threaten Them

Growing media attention has been placed on the potential impacts facing the marine environment and human health due to the rapidly growing use of single-use products […]